PRI Asset Management



Providence Realty Investors provides institutional quality real estate Asset Management, Owner Representation and Investment Management services to High Net-Worth and Family Offices.

Asset Management

Providence Realty Investors Asset Management Services was created to provide real estate investors and owners the peace of mind that their real estate investment strategy is achieving the highest investment returns within the identified risk profile and time horizon. As an Asset Manager, PRI will supervise consultants, brokers, management firms as well as property managers to properly position individual assets and the portfolio to maximize returns and preserve capital.  PRI believes the successful implementation of real estate strategy requires disciplined management, continual monitoring, detailed reporting and proactive decision making to realize the full investment potential of a real estate portfolio.

  • Current Portfolio Assessment

  • Development and Implimentation of a Tailored Investment Strategy

  • Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting

    • Monthly Review of Financial Statements and Operating Reports

    • Quarterly and Annual Owner Reporting

  • Flex Management for Incremental Portfolio Growth

  • Portfolio and Asset Level Business Planning

    • Capital Expenditures Strategy

    • Operating Expense Management

    • Leverage Assessment and Strategy

    • Forecasting Future Value

  • Portfolio Realignment

    • Acqusition, Reposition, and Disposition Strategy

    • Sponsor and Project Due Diligence

    • Highest and Best Analysis and Implementation

Owner Representation and Investment Management

Providence Realty Investors Owner Representation and Investment Management Services focuses on providing real estate owners the peace of mind by providing a financial and operational review of assets managed by internal or external property and asset managers. PRI represents owners and limited partner investors on calls and meetings to free them from the on-going operating activities creating value in their real estate investment portfolio.

  • Strategic Advisory

    • Investment Strategy to Maximize Cashflow and Value of the Individual Asset and Portfolio

    • Consolidated Asset and Portfolio Reporting to Owners

    • Capital Expenditures Strategy Review in Relation Asset and Portfolio Business Plan

    • Disposition, Reposition, and Acquisition Analysis and Recommendations

    • Augment and Support CIO and CFO Analysis and Review

  • Review, Analysis and Interpretation Of

    • Monthly and Quarterly Financial Statements

    • Acquisition and Investment Proposal Due Diligence

  • Management Oversight of Valued Partners

    • Joint-Venture Partners

    • Brokers

    • Consultants

    • Legal, Tax, and Financial Advisors

LP’s and Co-GP’s that need an independent review of monthly financial statements, risk analysis, due diligence for new investments and GP oversite for peace of mind.